Advanced technology – capable of finding hidden funds


Cooleet makes your debt collection profitable by finding actual funds to collect from. We specialize in finding hidden funds, by collecting data that was previously untapped. Working with us takes the guess work out of the equation. Get a real-time view to the potential of your collections.
We are not about finding debtors – we are about making sure you collect from them!


We built our technology with the objective of creating total transparency of eCommerce sellers. Our systems continuously monitor every movement leaving debtors nowhere to hide. While Cooleet cannot help if the ability to repay is not there, we can locate and reveal the money they do have, even hidden away. Utilizing proprietary artificial intelligence and machine learning we are able to locate live funds even when they are hidden. Applying our predictive analytics, we can provide you with the much-needed information that will lead to collecting your money!


Just as the 2008 recession brought the financial world to its knees, we have yet to see the full economic effect of the epidemic. Many people are avoiding loan repayments, for fear of the future. Yet, as no one wants to be outside the law, our goal is to help whether with finding untapped money sources or with arranging new, easier payment plans. This way loan recipients do not struggle or live in hiding and the lender does not go under. Not an easy task, yet we believe this can be done with respect and responsibility. Maintaining social order in hardship means standing by your word as well as meeting a struggling person halfway.


We have a wide scope understanding of debt and our ultimate goal was to create a service that will enable collections and not only trace the skipper. Today there are hundreds of skip tracing solutions out there that locate traditional data if available. You do not need us for that! We focus on the data others have avoided because of the difficulty to access it. For the millions of active debtors that may hide their ecommerce activity we can grant you full visibility including how much money is live and available. Using our predictive technology, we enable effective payment plans based on the future prediction of available funds.

We specialize in:

  • Making collections of small debts worthwhile
  • Reviving dormant accounts
  • Collecting on default judgments